The Marks of R.S. Prussia

Not all Prussia pieces are marked and up to 50% of pieces may not be marked. Because fakes and replicas or reproductions abound, it is extremely important to be knowledgeable of the Prussia marks, molds, and transfers in determining authenticity. Scroll over image to view full size.

The Molds of R.S. Prussia

There are many different molds in the Prussia world. Mary Frank Gaston’s four book series identify many of the Prussia molds by number. Approximately the first fifty numbered molds in her books have popular names for those molds. Beyond that, molds are only identified by number. In addition, not all molds have been identified. Many of the older style Prussia molds have been identified in Leland and Carol Marple’s books.

Even though some of the Prussia resource books are no longer in print, they can still be found on eBay,, at auctions, and from Association members. For more information about Prussia resource books, visit the books page on this site.

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